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Buying a Non-Traditional Wedding or Engagement Ring

Many people are turning towards less traditional wedding bands and engagement rings for a more personal and sentimental statement to love. Because why buy a plain ring that was probably made in a factory and doesn't have connection to you when there are other options?

At Arcwood Jewelry, we understand that your wedding band should be unique to you just as the love behind why you are getting married in the first place. We could talk forever about this but the best way is to show you rings we have created for our customers and let it bring you to a place of creativity.

custom wedding band 18k yellow gold

This first ring pictured here is an engagement ring for Alicia. Her fiancé Harley wanted to give something very special to Alicia using sentimental materials.
The center of this ring is made from a mango tree from Alicia's family home commemorating her hometown and family.

The gold flakes set throughout the ring are pieces from gold bangles from each of their parents tying in each family. The ring is set in 18k yellow gold and all of the colors melded beautifully. 

While we work with lots of wood, we also can incorporate virtually any material that you may have inside of a ring. For example, this next ring has a center inlay of something very unique and meaningful...

Custom wooden wedding ring with sand

This wedding band is for Evan who is marrying Mallory. Their engagement took place at a beach. So, when we met them at a Boston show, we decided to use the sand from the beach as the centerpiece in the ring. The results really speak for themselves in this wedding ring. 

Another popular way to create a special piece is using flowers from a first date or anniversary and incorporating them into a ring. This doesn’t have to be an engagement or wedding ring, it also serves as a special gift or anniversary ring. We also make sure the flowers are preserved in the ring properly to effectively prevent loss of color over time. 

Silver ring with flowers

This ring has purple statice flowers in the center from a bouquet of anniversary flowersThe possibilities are truly endless and creating custom pieces is what we love to do best.

Contact us at any time with questions or set up your complimentary one-on-one design consultation with owner and craftsman Lincoln by clicking here. - No design is necessary - it is just to get an idea of how we can help you best!

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