Care Guide



Arcwood Jewelry Care Guide


There is no regular maintenance required on any of our wood rings or wood rings with metal inlays.

Cleaning/buffing with a piece of 100% cotton or a microfiber cloth every once in  while will keep it looking new.

Our wood rings are highly water resistant and have a very durable outer coating. However, prolonged exposure to water can damage the finish over time. Washing your hands is no problem as with the occasional shower, but limiting exposure to water will maximize the life of any piece. 

Saltwater is not friendly to wood rings, so we recommend to take your ring off when heading to the beach or about to take a swim.

Purrel and other similar gel based sanitizers as well as solvents can damage the finish. A simple solution is to take your ring off, apply Purrel, then place your ring back on. 

If you are performing activities such as rock climbing where your ring can get knocked repeatedly, we recommend to pocket the ring. 

Our free lifetime refinishing policy covers all of our jewelry such as putting another coat of our wood ring finish or polishing a gold ring so rest assured!



The silver we use in these rings contains germanium which is superior to sterling silver in tarnish resistance and durability. If you start to notice any tarnish appearing on your silver ring, lightly polish with a jewelry polishing cloth to bring back shine and take away oxidation.

Avoid saltwater and showering with your silver jewelry as this can accelerate the tarnishing process.

Tarnish is completely harmless to your silver and does not degrade it in any way. It forms on the outside of silver, not within it. Once it is removed, your ring will be the exact same as it was.



Gold rings require very minimal maintenance and just need a light polish with a jewelry polishing cloth once in while to restore shine. The durability of gold is dependent on the karat.

10k gold is the most durable as it contains the most base metals and least amount of gold which is too soft on its own. 14k gold is a great middle-ground for durability and richness in color and is the most popular choice. 18k gold offers the most gold to metal content and color but requires a bit extra care in avoiding heavy hits or scrapes. 



Our pendants are all finished with a natural oil that is water resistant. We do not recommend showering or swimming with your pendant as this can damage it over time. Getting it wet once in a while such as rain will not impact the pendant. 

The silver portions of our pendants (Silver Bails & Chains) are made of tarnish resistant silver and over time will benefit from quick polishing with a jewelry polishing cloth. Pendants are also covered on our free lifetime refinishing policy.