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ring size

How do I find my ring size?

We strongly recommend that you go to a jeweler to get the proper size.

However, there are a few at home sizers that have decent accuracy. Learn more about ring sizing here.

What if I am between sizes?

If you are between sizes, go with the larger size.

Comfort fit vs Standard fit?

Comfort fit rings have a beveled inside edge to allow for a smoother feel.

Standard fit rings fit more snugly around your finger.

We shape our rings to be slightly beveled to be very comfortable, but not enough where you need to change your size.

Care & Maintenance

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How do I care for my ring?

There is no regular maintenance required!

However, buffing your ring once in a while with a microfiber cloth will keep it looking new.

Refer here for a full care guide including the "what not to do's."

Can I get my ring wet?

Refer here for a full care guide.

Our rings are highly water resistant. However, it is best to minimize contact with water to prolong the life of any piece.

Occasional handwashing is fine, but it is best to pocket the ring when showering/bathing, going to the beach, or swimming. If you accidently forgot to take it off a few times when showering/swimming, it is no problem.

Cleaning agents, such as Purell, can damage the ring's finish over time, so it is best to take your ring off when applying them and place it back on when finished. Strong solvents also fall under this category.

What's the durability like?

We use the "Bentwood" technique to craft our rings, which involves wrapping thin strips of wood multiple times around itself to create a very strong lamination and durable ring.

Learn much more about our process here.