Ring Sizing Questions Answered!

Ring Sizing Questions Answered!

Finding the perfect ring is awesome, but do you have questions on how to find your ideal ring size? What about ring width? Comfort fit vs. Standard fit? Rest assured, as this guide will answer all of your sizing questions and concerns!

Ring size

Ring size refers to the measurement of the inner diameter of a ring. In the United States, the sizing system is represented by numbers starting from 0. Generally, ring sizes range from 4 - 13 with half sizes for further accuracy.

What is Ring Width?

Ring width is a confusion for many new ring buyers, but is actually very simple. Ring width is the measurement of the band going across the surface from edge to edge.

  This is how ring width is measured

There is no one width for every person. The preference is completely based on your style. Generally, people with larger hands/ring sizes tend to wear larger widths and vice-versa. We offer ring widths from 5-8mm to suit many looks.

Ring width does slightly affect what size is best for you, but we will explain more on this further down.


Comfort fit vs standard fit?

There are two main categories that determine ring "fit". Ring fit is the way the inside edge is shaped. A "Standard Fit" ring is flat on the inside much like a pipe. These types of rings fit more snug on a finger.

However, many people's knuckles are decently larger than the rest of their finger, making a standard fit ring too loose once over the knuckle. To address this problem, ring makers bevel the inside edge of rings to produce a more comfortable band that easily slides over a knuckle, known as "Comfort Fit". Due to the difference in design, comfort fit rings are not equivalent with standard sizing and are measured a bit differently.

At Arcwood Jewelry, we bevel the inside of our rings slightly for comfort, but not enough to change your size making sizing very straightforward. 


So How do I find my ring size?

In our opinion, the best way to find your ring size is to visit your local jeweler; Preferably more than once. This option is free and often the most accurate. However, if only visiting once, the best time would be in the afternoon before dinner as your ring size will be the most precise. You can also bring in a ring that fits to have it measured if it is the same finger you plan on buying for your new ring. Tell the jeweler what width you are planning on choosing for the best accuracy.

Another option is to a buy a ring sizer online. The pro is that you can take your ring size as many times as you want in the comfort of your own home. The most accurate options are physical ring sizers. These options both fall under $10, and the metal sizer is our recommended pick due to sustainability. 

Metal Ring Sizer

Plastic Ring Sizer

This last type of sizer is the most cost effective falling in around $4 but has a bit less accuracy when compared to physical ring sizers.

Adjustable Plastic Sizer

For the at home methods mentioned, we recommend going a half size up if choosing a width of 7 or 8mm.

Are you close to a size but still not quite a half size in either direction? In these cases, pick the larger size as it will leave room for fluctuations throughout the day.


Do wooden rings fit differently than metal rings?

A classic Arcwood wedding band design featuring walnut, recycled silver, and maple

Wooden rings follow the same sizing methods as metal rings! You will find no difference between them.

We hope this helped answer all of your sizing questions/concerns. Feel free to message us at any time with further questions/comments!

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