wooden wedding ring with silver inlay

The Perfect Ring for a Woodworker

If you or your partner has a passion for woodworking, why get a boring traditional ring to celebrate your marriage?

A wedding ring is meant to symbolize the everlasting bond between people, which should be reflected by a ring you want to wear everyday. 

Read on to learn why woodworkers would love a wooden wedding ring!

"The Meridian" band. Walnut with a rich cherry center inlay

Woodworking is a craft that has been relevant throughout history. From ancient times to the present, woodworking has taken on numerous forms from art to construction. The oldest known wood sculpture dates back 12,000 years!

The warmth and natural look of wood is essential to many aesthetics, creating classic compositions that have stood timeless through generations. Wood projects balance and earthliness that simply cannot be replicated with other materials. Preserving the art of woodworking in a ring allows you to carry that reminder with you at all times. 

Our ring craftsman, Lincoln, has spent multiple years developing our products to the highest quality. As a woodworker himself, he understands and ensures the craftsmanship is at the highest degree. He also proudly stands behind each and every ring.

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At Arcwood Jewelry, we offer numerous U.S. native wood species which are all available with our custom ring options. If you have a piece of wood that holds special meaning to you, let us incorporate that into a band to even further tell your story! Other materials also fall under this customization. It can be a piece of fabric, or even a guitar string from your favorite guitar. Contact us here for a free quote or to book a one-on-one call to discuss our range of customization options!

Our curated options also act as canvases to spark creativity for your own design if you choose to order a custom ring. We love to see what our customers dream up.

Walnut with gold wedding band

Custom walnut with birdseye maple interior, featuring an 18k gold inlay

If you appreciate wood, but also admire the classy accents of certain metals, we have you covered. We offer many precious metal inlay options to create a hybrid style that doesn’t drown out the natural wood aesthetic! We offer precious metals ranging from gold to platinum, and have a variety of tailored designs to choose from that incorporate precious metals for inspiration, or rings to fall in love with.

silver inlay wood rings

These rings both feature silver inlays for a modern look

A bonus is that our rings are ultra light, so your metal accented band will not weigh your hand down as with metal rings. The heavy weight of many wedding bands is a contributing factor to why some people don’t wear wedding bands. 

Our rings go through multiple processes to produce a durable product that will last. If you want to learn more about how our rings are made, click here to see the process behind it all. 

Please feel free to reach out to us about any ring topic, or to place a custom order here, and Lincoln will be happy to answer you! 

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