The Argentum wood ring

Why Wear a Wood Wedding Band?

There are many reasons to choose a wood wedding band over a traditional one and some might come as a shock! Read on to see why wood rings serve as great wedding bands.

The Environment 

Wood is a renewable resource, therefore more sustainable then mined metals such as gold. Did you know that mining enough gold to create one gold ring creates 20 tons of mine waste? That is 40,000 pounds for one gold ring! Cyanide is also a common chemical used in gold extraction which is deadly to the surrounding ecosystem.

Wood bands avoid the consequences associated with mining precious metals. We take it one step further at Arcwood Jewelry by sourcing our woods domestically. The fossil fuel consumption is greatly reduced and we don’t run the risk of using endangered exotic woods. Our metals are also 100% recycled giving you peace of mind when choosing your ring. 

Ring on hand with plant

Staying sustainable is a core part of our mission


Wood rings are highly customizable. With numerous wood options to choose from, the options are vast. Adding custom materials such as a fabric from a loved one can be incorporated into inlays to create stunning and memorable designs. Metal inlays are also popular choices to add some distinction to a piece. You can even choose to have multiple types of inlays all in one ring! 

This band is crafted from walnut with an offset silver inlay. 


A quality wood band is timeless and goes well with virtually any outfit and occasion. The natural look of wood cannot be replicated with other materials. Since each ring is made of organic materials, every band will be slightly different making each one genuinely unique! No two people will ever possess the same wood ring. 


Having a comfortable band is very important since you will likely be wearing your ring almost every day! Wooden rings are so light and pleasant to wear that you might not even tell it’s on. Wooden rings are perfect for people who don’t like the feeling of a heavy ring on their finger. At Arcwood Jewelry, we put a gentle bevel on the inside of our rings for ultimate comfort. 


Since ancient times, wood has been a symbol of growth and everlasting bonds. Throughout history, numerous cultures have viewed trees as divine symbols and figures. Wood has become synonymous with growth and stability which is why a wood ring is connected to the fifth year wedding anniversary. What better way to show your true love than with a band that represents a strong, long lasting bond?


Encapsulating the symbolism of trees in a wedding ring makes it that much more special and unique!


Did you know that around 10-15% of people have an allergy to certain metals contained in jewelry? The most common being nickel, which is found in sterling silver and white/yellow gold as an additive to improve durability and scratch resistance. Wood rings are a perfect solution to this problem. Any wood rings we offer with metal inlays are also a safe option, because the finish we use creates a barrier between the metal and skin. 


Electricians welcome! Metal rings are a danger when working with wiring and other electrical components. Many types of metal such as gold are great conductors of heat and electricity possibly causing a serious injury if worn doing these jobs. Wood rings are a perfect alternative as they are non-conductive and just as classy as long as there is no metal inlay!

The Timeless wooden ring

This band is made from sustainably sourced American Mahogany


With all of these benefits, it's no wonder why so many couples are switching to distinctive eco-friendly wood bands to celebrate their marriage! Shop all of our sustainable wedding rings here!

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