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Gold & mango wood engagement ring

An engagement ring for Alycia crafted from 18k yellow gold

This ring from Harley to Alycia comes with a very special story. The wood inlaid in this band is from a mango tree from Alycia's family home. The flakes of gold set throughout the face are from two gold bangles each from a parent of Harley and Alycia. Harley was so passionate about getting the perfect engagement ring for his now fiancé and I wanted to match translate those emotions into the perfect ring. The 18k yellow gold setting provided the perfect contrast to the mango wood that also compliments the gold flakes beautifully.

Sand ring

Walnut burl wedding band with an inlay of sand from where this couple got engaged.

This ring is a wedding band for Evan. We met at a show in Boston, and Mallory (Evans fiancé) asked me if I could incorporate sand from where they got engaged into the ring and I was happy to take on this request. The sand in the center is set between two fine silver inlays on walnut burled wood with a maple interior. The natural tones of the wood and sand presented a great opportunity to add some contrast using the silver inlays to create a visually pleasing piece. Click here to watch the crafting process of this band.

"Thank you so much for creating the most beautiful ring! 💕" - Mallory

Zircote wood wedding band.

A woodworker with an affinity to zircote

Andrew reached out with an idea to incorporate a wood that he treasures and recieved from where he worked as a woodworker. Once he showed me this wood in person, it was easy to see why. The distinction between the two colors are impressive on their own and the grain is spectacular with all of the unique twists and turns. The silver core and offset inlay provided a distinct three part design allowing each element room to shine.

"Lincoln has an amazing eye and talent for the craft. He was willing to take an idea and really run with it. I gave him an unfamiliar species of wood to work with. Not only did he take the time to listen to all of my reasons for loving and selecting it, but also managed to implement all of them within the design and execution of the ring beautifully. Good guy and great product!"

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